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@WALSTIB373 Typically, the firmware will be pushed out automatically to your timer. We are currently in the process of doing a full roll out. I’d need to know which model of timer you have to determine the current firmware version. Most people will have the 57946 or 57950, which can be on either 32 or 23. If you have a model 57915 or 57925, current firmware is 18, and hose tap timers are 32. Our hub is currently on 22.

@DAVEALTARD @03SVTCOBRA your devices are not connected, so I cannot update your firmware.

your issue is not a firmware issue, rather a rain sensor issue. Hold down the rain delay button for about 5 seconds and you’ll see a “SENS OFF” come up on your screen. This indicates your rain sensor was on and that will keep your system from running.

once the firmware gets updated, your issue should be resolved.

Everybody else, I have pushed the firmware updates to your timers.

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