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Same problem. Device worked great up until 4 days ago then spontaneously stopped connecting to wifi.

Did everything including cycling the router, factory reset the device, pulled the ribbon, you name it. Even uninstalled/reinstalled the app.

The wifi receiver indicator is saying no wifi which is impossible ‘cuz I had the device 3 feet from the router and no signal. Not even the exclamation mark indicating bad/no connection. I’m baffled.

Has my ISP blocked the device?

In the app I can’t even select a network, tapping the selection does nothing.

To see if this is a device, app, or network problem I returned the device and got another. No change.

Nothing has changed in terms of our hardware. Nothing. Before we had 3 bars on the device.

So something amiss with the network and/or app. There have been posts about a server, I’m guessing we’re accessing your servers when using the app? Flush my info?

Really getting frustrated here.

My MAC address of the new device is: 44:67:55:03:1F:CD

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