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I played with Settings->Devices->Faucet Device->Weather Adjustments->Current Weather Station. I had changed it to a Personal Weather Station (from the Airport, which I assume is a government run weather station) and it was working at least a week ago because I wanted more local rainfall data (3.3 miles vs. 11.5 miles). Weather was working from that one, but my guess is perhaps the government ones work more reliably. When I wasn’t getting current weather in the app, switching back to the airport one “fixed” that for me in the app and the beta web site.

So perhaps what I’d like to request is the ability to configure 2 (or perhaps more) weather stations with an implicit priority. I want to get data from one of the personal weather stations, unless it’s down. Otherwise, I’d like to default back to the airport. Or something like this. That way I can get resiliency as well as more localized rainfall and predictions.

I still have no schedule for my smart watering. :-/

I should also add that it would seem that the my full auto smart watering actually claimed to fire off a while back, it got recorded in the app as a manual water event. I’ve never actually seen any irrigation event in the app say it was anything other than manual after the fact in the schedule.

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