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I think it may be your rain sensor. How old is it? My rain sensor has been working perfectly for 14 years and now I’m having the same problem. Thought is was the B-Hyve. Then learned that rain sensors usually don’t last more than 10 years at most (usually 5-8 years), so I was on borrowed time. I just ordered a new rain sensor that’s being delivered in a few days based on some tests I did. Seems that the B-Hyve is working just fine. You can also test to confirm: Remove the two wires from your rain sensor connection on the B-Hyve. Put two independent wires in it’s place. Make sure you strip the ends of both sides of each wire. With these test wires in the sensor connection of the B-Hyve, leave the other ends alone (make sure they don’t touch each other). This is an open connection and will signal rain to the B-Hyve. Set a program to run automatically – both the B-Hyve and your mobile app should note that the program won’t run due to rain (if the app doesn’t show it – uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone). You should have no on/off issues. Then while the program is still running – you can touch the two wires together which closes the circuit and your program will start running. Pull the wires apart and it will stop. Everything worked perfectly for me this way – proving there was an issue with the rain sensor itself.

Now with that said, I look forward to testing the new rain sensor and making sure all is resolved. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t unless I somehow get a faulty sensor. If the on/off issues continue with the new rain sensor, then there may be some sort of resistance/distance issue with the wiring that the B-Hyve can’t handle properly. My last two timers (Hunter and IrrigationCaddy) had no problems. Fingers crossed!!!

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