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Alright, I’m chiming in here. Just installed my new B-hive unit tonight. Purchased a week ago at my local Lowes. Can’t tell you how frustrated I am. My PRIMARY purchase reason for getting this brand, and this model, was that my research lead me to believe this was Apple Homekit compatible. 100%. And now I have it mounted on the wall, all zones customized, program running, holes punched for mounting. Ready to go with the homekit setup, and NO?! And you can’t even give me a firwmare update? (Yes, I only have the A,B,C button). So what do I do now? This is extremely frustrating. Seems quite false advertising. You’ve got to get this fixed or just stop letting all the reviews quote the model number and Apple Homekit compatible. And to have differing models available in different boxes? ARGH!


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