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I’m having similar issue. Unit says it is connected to WiFi, I can connect via Bluetooth, but has FLASHING EXCLAMATION next to WiFi and app says unit is Offline. Manual states Flashing Exclamation means it is connected to WiFi but can’t communicate with Orbit servers. Driving me nuts. Tried troubleshooting techniques listed in manual, online, etc. Tried to call customer service during normal MT working hours and spent at least 20 minutes on hold twice. For the 3 weeks it was working it seemed to work great. Don’t want to remove it and return it, but almost there. Hopefully you can update my firmware as well and it will solve the issue.

Mac Address : 44:67:55:02:99:52
Firmware Version : DEBUG-0010
Hardware Version : WT25G2-001

Please let me know if you can help.



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