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I am experiencing the same issues. Worked like a dream for a couple of days, but now I am having all kinds of problems. I have 3 hubs, and 3 timers connected to each of them. My problems are:

1. Lost a hub. Hub keeps blinking blue and when I try to addd it as a device through the app, it can’t be found. MAC address is 44 67 55 20 58 7D. I moved the three timers that were connected to this hub to another hub until I can get this resolved.

2. WiFi??? I have 6 google mesh zones throughout the house so my WiFi is STRONG. . I can’t get my timers to respond from WiFi and Bluetooth connects sometimes which is so frustrating. I have put the password for WiFi in each hub in the settings, but feel like I need to keep updating it. Shouldn’t the password save? I feel like with my strong WiFi, I shouldn’t have to even touch Bluetooth. Please help me resolve this issue as I love the product and have spent so much time this week trying to resolve. My 3 hubs are:
44:67:55:20:58:7D (not working) flashing blue dot when plugged in.


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