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Thank you Ryan,

I have a couple other questions. My app showed (as you indicated) Zone 1 will run for 10 minutes (2X). Zones 2 and 3 show no scheduled times, will the smart watering automatically do Zones 2 and 3 and that is why Zones 2 and 3 show scheduled run times as “Not Scheduled”?

I would like to water every three days but the calendar is showing twice a week (every 4 days). In the interval adjustment section I have estimated intervals at 3 days in Zone 1 but for Zones 2 and 3 it only can adjust for 4 days for May June July.

I just pulled up the app on my iPhone and iPad and now the calendar shows watering on Saturday and Sunday.

You have been very helpful and I appreciate your assistance and help in helping me to understand the timer.

Thank you, Jill

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