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I’ve checked your settings and they were entered correctly, but you had watering restrictions. So it was unable to schedule any watering’s. I’ve since disabled them. The next watering that you have is for your zone one tomorrow for 10min at 3Am and 3:20Am. You may not see the others pop up until it processes them again.

Once you’ve put in your smart details for each zone the app will adjust it automatically.

Yes it will show what days are scheduled to water on your calendar. They will be the ones with the lightbulb icon. It will water when it sees that your lawn needs to be watered based off of the information that it’s been given. You can how ever under watering restrictions select which days of the week it is allowed to water, or if you want it to water on even or odd days of the month. This will however affect all of your zones. Under each zones smart details there is a watering schedule adjustments section. There you can for each individual zone increase or decrease the runtime, and time interval between each watering cycle.

It was showing no programs because you had restrictions on, and so there were no scheduled watering’s to report.

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