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Hi Ryan.

Thanks for your reply. No, only Zone #3 ran today. Currently (about 20 mins after your reply) Zone3 and Zone2 show 100% soil moisture in the app. Zone2 is dry right now. Zone1 also showed as 100% when I wrote the first post above, though has gone down to 83% now.

You said all the rest of the zones will water tomorrow (friday). The Home page on the B-Hyve app says I currently have a rain delay for 24 hours and that smart watering will begin watering at 8:00am Sunday. Even though there is no rain in the forecast. When I just now logged into my.orbitbhyve.com, it says “Your timer currently has a rain delay for 24 hours. Your next watering will be in 8 days.” Why is the information you have access to reporting differently than my app and why is the browser interface reporting something different than either of those?

It seems things aren’t getting synced up or something.

Thanks again.

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