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I have 2 timers and today the second timer did not water either. MAC 44:67:55:02:E6:EC.

First timer MAC 44:67:55:02:36:93 is set to water EVEN days and the timer says it is scheduled to water tomorrow 5AM. Keeping fingers crossed.
The second timer MAC 44:67:55:02:E6:EC is set to water odd days, but this morning it didn’t.
Now I have this problem with both the timers.

Ist timer MAC 44:67:55:02:36:93 watered yesterday(5/8) according to schedule. Let us see what happens tomorrow.
2nd timer MAC 44:67:55:02:E6:EC watered on 5/7 but failed to water today 5/9.

I see only one device on the browser app on my computer. The 2nd timer is nowhere to be found. Does this mean the second timer is not seen by the BHYVE server? I can see them connected to my router with good signal strength.

BTW, I called the support number 1-800-488-6156 Monday and waited for half hour in front of the timer with no luck 🙁

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