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I asked ask my iPhone Amazon app (which has Alexa built into it now): “Alexa, ask b-hyve when my lawn will be watered next.” She also reported 9:30am. The answer for my time zone should have been: 5:30am. So it is consistently, reporting the wrong time through Alexa for me. :-/

I should add that the time did execute at 5:30am this morning, so b-hyve is operating self-consistently otherwise.

I also just confirmed that 5:30am EDST is 9:30am GMT. So I believe you are right DJEXPRESS. Their app needs to take the date and time it gets from the b-hyve API and convert to to local Echo date and time before speaking it. Or they need to get it from b-hyve and use the home location of the actual b-hyve to determine which time zone to convert it to and then report the start time in the time zone the b-hyve lives in. The second is probably more useful. If I live in Baltimore and travel to LA and check on b-hyve to see when the next watering is with Alexa, I’d probably want it to say it’s schedule to start watering at 5:30AM EDST as opposed to 2:30AM PDT. I’m assuming that would be consistent with the interface as well, but I haven’t been in a different time zone yet to check. 😉

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