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Thanks Stephen for checking, and yes I see a schedule populated now for all my zones, and some ran this morning.
I think my user experience on not knowing if smart watering is set up properly, or that schedule is being (re)calculated if I make changes, is still valid for you to consider in future.

It’s actually pretty cool to see this change dynamically, as I think there was a Thursday schedule, but now it’s shifted to Friday.

At the moment I have two home page messages on the app: ‘Smart Watering will being watering at 8:00am on Friday Morning’ and swipe left ‘Smart Watering will begin at 8:25 am Friday Morning’. I guess this is technically correct, as there are two runs on the same zones, but a little confusing to read… maybe one message saying ‘Next Smart Watering is scheduled for xxx date time on for zone(s) a,b,c’ is a suggestion for a status.

Anyway, I’m willing to give this a go and not touch it for 2 weeks to see what actually happens 🙂

Eg I see zones that I’d prefer to be paired at same interval not being paired, and I see zones scheduled for watering intervals closer together than I would expect (as compared to the the Zone Detail -> Smart Details -> Watering Schedule Adjustments -> Estimated Intervals Table)… I’ll keep my eye on it.

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