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Mine was a little weird the first couple days, I had both smart water and programs set so I had overwatering. I disabled my program and enabled all of the settings for the smart watering zones. I kept seeing the next program showing up that I had disabled. I believe all I had to do was force kill the app on android and reopen and log in again. Whatever that did has my system working fine, with history working, and smart watering working about every 2 days.

The only strange thing about it is it does my 4 zones twice on smart water, but from what I read it’s by design to allow the soil to absorb the water and not just run off. So instead of running once for 20 minutes, it runs twice for 10 minutes a station.

FWIW my specs are below, hope it helps.

Last Connected: Apr 28, 2018, 6:18:57 AM
Stations: 12 (4 set up)
MAC Address: xx:67:xx:02:xx:c6
Firmware Version: 0025
Hardware Version: wt25-0001
Wi-Fi Version: 1.4.0

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