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Hello, I just installed this week, no issues at all.

You can add photos and name stations on the Android APP. Just click on the picture icon, and allow access to your camera and you can walk around the yard and snap photos easily. To test a zone, click test, and set a time.

Go to “zones” and take the station you want. then on the next page, you can edit the thumbnail, or take a photo. This same screen allows you to change the name of the station. easy.

3: It’s not a windows app, its a web app hosted here: https://my.orbitbhyve.com/ log in with your obit login info and you can do it in the web browser as well. although it is much easier to just walk around the yard and snap photos of your station locations. I did it, and it took me about 5 minutes. I thought the app layout is very intuitive. Once I got it all working, I then adventure all over the app and found some pretty neat stuff.

5: Programming is done under the “program” section of the app (second icon from the bottom right).

Click program slot A, B, C and program them how you like.
Or enable smart watering slider on each of your stations, and configure the “smart details for soil type, plant type, sprinkler type and count, sun levels, and slope.

I am not affiliated with b-hyve or orbit in any way, just a Linux systems engineer by trade, so figuring out poorly documented, incomplete software on the regular. Although I really can’t complain about the 12 station. Reading the forum here I see servers have been down causing a missed water. I haven’t had that issue yet, but even if it missed a water the features this system provides me if it works half as well as it has so far is worth it. I can hit station 2 whenever I want, even from the yard if I notice a dry spot, and it works from anywhere in the browser link above or the android app.

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