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I’m having the same problem. According to my router info, the last time my timer successfully connected was in November 2017. Just now using the timer again as it warms up and unable to control it using wifi on the app. Timer never goes into true pairing mode with the “emanating” bars upward…it only flashes the wifi symbol. Even when unplugging and replugging, it just flashes…no “emanating.” If it’s in “test” mode like another post suggested, pressing clear and then unplugging and replugging doesn’t help in any way. When trying to repair using the reset button, the word “pair” comes up but it won’t connect to my 2.4 home wifi system. Nothing else has trouble. Continually times out. Strong signals. I’ve tried via IOS and Android apps. I can control the sprinkler manually and through bluetooth. VERY frustrated. Timer worked flawlessly through one season but now it’s season 2. Please help. MAC address is: 44:67:55:01:B8:63

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