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Thank you Stephen for your reply. Indeed I disabled the program since it has been raining these past few days. Anyway, I ran some more tests as I uncovered a series of problems that could lead to my programs being “ignored”. It could be summarized as:
The time reference used by the calendar is different from the time reference used by the programing tab.

Let me explain:
– After setting up the controller in California and running several tests, I am now in Europe, 9 hours ahead of PDT.
– Now let’s say it is 5:15am on April 8th in France (8:15pm on April 7th in CA) and I set up a program A starting at 5:30am on April 8th with an interval of 3 days. What I see on the calendar of the b-hyve application is a program set for 8:30pm on April 7th. Not the most intuitive.
– Anyway, it is supposed to start in 15 minutes if I trust the information provided by the calendar, so I wait for 5:30am and use my security camera to see if the sprinkler system starts.
– The sprinkler system does NOT start. Furthermore, the scheduled watering disappears from the calendar.
– Checking the zones tab, it shows that the last watering was on the 3rd and the next one will be on the 11th at 5:30am.
– However, in the calendar the next watering appears a day prior (April 10th) at 8:30pm.
– Out of curiosity, I wondered if the program A was going to start anyway at 5:30am on April 8th “PDT” even if the calendar does not show anything scheduled then. I set up my alarm to check the camera at 2:30pm in France…

Since I did not want to wait that long, I then ran a second test:
– It is now 6:20am on April 8th in France. Let’s set up program B for 9:38pm April 7th in the programing tab in the hope it will water at 9:38pm April 7th. I set up an interval of 3 days.
– The scheduled watering for program B does NOT appear in the calendar anywhere on April 7th or 8th, but appears every 3 days afterward at 12:38pm.
– However, program B starts at 9:38pm on April 7th PDT! Victory!
– After the watering is completed, it is listed on the calendar for 9:38pm on April 7th and continues to be listed every 3 days at 12:38pm.
– I assume that every 3 days, the calendar will delete the entry at 12:38pm and show no scheduled watering for the day. However, 9 hours later, it will show a completed watering at 9:38pm.

The bottom line is:
1. The programing tab uses local time (PDT in my case).
2. The zones tab reflects the time of the next watering correctly using local time (PDT).
3. The calendar is confusing and cannot be trusted, which is a major turnoff for me. It is misleading and does not accurately reflect upcoming watering. However, past waterings seem to be recorded correctly (?).

If you think this is confusing, I let you imaging what a headache it becomes once you start using smart watering.
Please consider transmitting this experience to your programmers for a next software update.

One last thing… I checked “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” at the bottom of this page. I never received an email informing me of you reply.

Thank you for your help.

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